Philly: Washington Avenue Green

There’s still a slight chill in the air but the days are definitely longer. The outdoors was calling so we went for a walk on Washington Avenue Green. It’s nice to be next to the water, tucked away from the zipping cars on Delaware Avenue, with views of the city and the ships. It’s definitely an urban scene with a promise of becoming a green oasis for walkers, joggers, and runners.

In addition to the restoration work to make Washington Avenue Green a place for people to enjoy the waterfront, it is also the site of a historical study of the immigrants who arrived at the Pier from 1876 to the 1920’s.

I’m so glad to see pockets of revitalization in this wonderful city.

“Each story is part of a mosaic that contributes to the history of Philadelphia and its waterfront, and ultimately to the history of immigration in the United States.”






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