Travel Notes: Vizcaya & Wynwood Walls, Miami, FL

It has been a beautiful Spring season so far in Philadelphia with just the right temperature, plenty of gentle sunshine, and bright blue skies. The city is especially pretty this time of year with cherry blossoms and other flowering trees in full glory. Every weekend – every day in fact – has been a gift filled with outdoor activities and family time.

I was in Miami early last week where the sun was bright and the humidity high. I got plenty of much needed vitamin (D) sunshine, for sure. Despite the hot and humid climate, I went about exploring Vizcaya Museum & Garden which was the villa and estate of businessman James Deering where he lived and entertained during the winter months. The architecture and gardens are Italian Renaissance in style.

Before heading back to the Four Seasons Hotel, I went to the outdoor street art museum, Wynwood Walls, just minutes away from downtown Miami. Massive outdoor murals include that of Shepard’s Dalai Lama and Fafi’s colorful mural made entirely of flowers on one of the gates.

 Miami is always amazing fun but the heat got me longing for Philly again.

Orchids thrive in the Miami heat and humidity.
Vizcaya Garden
Shepard Fairey

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