Getting Back On Track

With lots of good southern food eating this past week which was topped off with a generous serving of cookie dough ice cream from Philly Flavors last night, clean/ healthy/ super food eating is on my mind today.

For most of us, it’s so easy to get off track with healthy eating when on the road, on vacation, or at a celebration. It’s just as easy to wallow in guilt in the aftermath of an ice cream indulgence and a headache hangover to go along with it. But enjoying and immersing one’s self in the experience – can’t and won’t say that I regret eating “well” while on our mini-vacation – are just as important to me. It’s a treasure to be able to sample the taste and flavor unique to the moment.

Moderation … Moderation …

Most of us are aware that the food we eat is central to our well-being. Eating clean – making simple meals with fresh produce, whole grains, and lean proteins and enjoying the occasional dessert – the 80/20 approach, for me, is reasonable and sustainable.

I am hitting the reset button by starting the day with a super-food loaded smoothie. I’ll be keeping it simple by mixing it with water, berries, and a handful of greens (kale or spinach).

Are you in the same boat?

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