Meyer Lemons and Five Tips to Increase Your Water Intake

While well aware that hydration is essential to our well being, I confess to not being diligent about drinking enough water each day.  But when I started using a pretty water glass container and adding a couple of freshly squeezed Meyer lemon wedges to my spring water, I have definitely upped my water intake game and feel more energetic because of it.

Lemon water, especially when taken first thing in the morning, has been touted for its immune system boosting health benefits.  I’ve always liked the idea of lemon water and even tried it but the juice of regular lemons is much too tart for me.  Unlike the more common lemon variety, Meyer lemons – a blend of lemon and mandarin orange – have a smooth thin skin, are less tangy, and are even slightly sweet. With its prime season during the winter and spring months (December to May), I definitely see more Meyer lemon infused water in my foreseeable future.

Here are five tips to increase your water intake:

  1. Make it pretty – consider a pretty water bottle container – one that you will enjoy toting around
  2. Make it portable – carry or keep a water bottle with you – in your bag, car, night table, work desk
  3. Make it flavorful – try infusing your water with lemons, limes, cucumbers, mint, berries, and even ginger
  4. Make it a habit – drink with each meal or snack
  5. Find it from other sources – eat high water content fruits (watermelon, strawberries, grapefruit, cantaloupe) and vegetables (zucchini, radish, celery, spinach)

Lemon infused water


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