Travel Notes: Anthropologie Home Outlet (Pittsburgh, PA)

I was in downtown Pittsburgh recently and when I found out that Anthropologie’s home outlet is located in Mt Nebo Pointe – a short 15-minute drive from the hotel where I was staying, I had to go. Anthropologie is part of the Urban Outfitters portfolio of global consumer brands with roots in Wayne, Pennsylvania (just outside Philadelphia). It is a shopping destination for clothing, accessories, shoes, beauty, bridal, home and garden. Those who follow the brand appreciate its eclectic, bohemian, natural, vintage-inspired, artisanal, and whimsical style. Walking through a typical Anthropologie store is a sensory experience as you are enveloped in a creative world of scents, colors, textures, and curated music.

The outlet shopping journey did not offer the same layer of intimacy or imaginative experience as one would typically expect from Anthropologie but neither was it designed to do so. Instead, it is a well-organized space with a wide selection of furniture, art, wallpaper, lighting, and other home accessories at a discounted price. Bring a healthy dose of imagination and if lucky, one might chance upon the more iconic Anthro pieces such as the coveted Primrose mirror.


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