Travel Notes: Miles to Magnolia Table and Market

It was an exceptionally beautiful spring day when I visited Waco, TX.  Like so many fans of Joanna and Chip Gaines of the hit HGTV show Fixer Upper, visiting Magnolia Market was on my “to do” and “to see” list.  When the opportunity came, I made the two hour drive from Austin to Waco.  The straight drive along I-35 was pleasant and scenic especially with the Texas state flower, the bluebonnet, blooming along the road. My Magnolia experience started with breakfast at the recently opened Magnolia Table.  Located 2.6 miles from Magnolia Market, the restaurant was formerly known as… View Post

Travel Notes: Memphis

Happy 2018 world!  I hope that your year is off to a good start and that you are feeling refreshed after the excitement of holiday festivities. Philly is still blanketed in snow and I am happily ensconced in the warmth of our home.  I am thinking back to my favorite things that took place in December from decorating for the holidays, hosting Christmas dinner for family, spending time with friends, and visiting Memphis for the first time. Here are some impressions: The airport was small and the presence of FedEx as a major player in the city’s economy was… View Post

Travel Notes: Nevada, Utah, and Arizona RV Roadtrip

June was a wonderful whirlwind of activities leading to our summer adventure road tripping across Nevada, Utah, and Arizona. We rented an RV, our house on wheels, which was partly inspired by all the tiny house living and full-time RVing that I’ve been watching on YouTube.  It was a ten-day experiment if “tiny house/ RV living” is for me.  Bottom line is that I would do it again — for the right kind of vacation which this one was. We covered quite a bit of ground visiting Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, Powell Lake, Antelope Canyon, Horse Shoe Bend,… View Post

Philly: Italian Market & Art Museum Snapshots

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Travel Notes: Miami Design District

My trip to Miami was short and consumed by work but I managed to find a little pocket of time to enjoy the gorgeous weather, beautiful sunshine, and no humidity while exploring a small piece of the Miami Design District. The Design District, a mere 2.8 miles from Downtown Miami, has become the destination for the arts, design, and fashion.  Mostly made of old low-rise warehouses that have been converted into art galleries, restaurants, cafes, and high-end retail, this area – at a quick glance – reminded me of Rodeo Drive (or the makings of) albeit without the palm… View Post

Travel Notes: Los Angeles

I was traveling for work in Los Angeles and took a few photos along the way. Some fun facts about the City of Angels: it is the second largest city after New York City LAX is the second busiest airport in the country has a Mediterranean climate ethnically diverse there are more cars than there are people major center of the entertainment industry the famous Hollywood sign was originally named “Hollywoodland” which was an advertisement for a real estate development company Beverly Hills started as a lima bean ranch   View Post

Travel Notes: San Francisco

It has been damp and chilly here in Philly which got me thinking of my most recent trip to San Francisco.  I packed warm clothes expecting it to be cooler but the city was unseasonably warm on the week that I was there.  I stayed at a Marriott Hotel on Union Square which turned out to be the perfect spot especially for those who love to shop.  I did spend some time beyond Union Square.  Here are some photos taken from that trip. City by the Bay Golden Gate Bridge Twin Peaks View Post

Travel Notes: Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, DC

We were fortunate to catch the cherry blossom at peak bloom this weekend.  It coincided with spring break so we decided to spend a day in Washington, DC. Not surprisingly, everyone had the same idea. The lines were long at the popular Smithsonian museums but walking around National Mall and the Tidal Basin was in itself a treat. Without a doubt, the city is at its prettiest this time of the year when the famed cherry blossoms and flowering trees are in full bloom.               View Post

Favorite Travel Shoes: Ugg Jasper

As I was waiting for my connecting flight from Atlanta to Savannah on my most recent trip, I glanced down and realized that lately, I have been quite attached to my Ugg Jasper.  Its weather resistant leather upper has comfortably brought me from the chilly weather of the Northeast Coast to the milder temperature of South Carolina and Georgia and back.  Taking them off and on when going through security is fast and easy.  It also transitions well from super casual to a bit more dressy because it pairs so well with leggings, jeans, and dresses. For me, it… View Post