Count the ways to be kind

I am taking a break from a work-week that has been stressful. I’m imagining urgent emails that need to be answered and doing my best to resist the urge to take a peek in my mailbox. Instead, I went for a long walk while listening to music before switching to a podcast. It’s spring time and a gorgeous season to be in Philly. I noticed more tourists milling around Independence Hall or standing in line to see the Liberty Bell. Away from the crowd, the colonial garden in  Society Hill was serene except for the cheerful sound of chirping… View Post

Project Weight Loss: Tale of a Goal Driven Dieter (March Update)

It was the week before a work event in Miami when I decided to try on the dresses and suits that I was planning to pack for the trip. As I suspected, my clothes were snug so I made my way to the mall in search of a couple of pieces but found nothing that flattered well enough to justify spending the money.  Truth be told, I was in major panic mode as I was driving away from the mall empty-handed.  That was when I thought of doing a liquid diet – a last-minute and desperate attempt at a quick fix.… View Post

Getting Back On Track

With lots of good southern food eating this past week which was topped off with a generous serving of cookie dough ice cream from Philly Flavors last night, clean/ healthy/ super food eating is on my mind today. For most of us, it’s so easy to get off track with healthy eating when on the road, on vacation, or at a celebration. It’s just as easy to wallow in guilt in the aftermath of an ice cream indulgence and a headache hangover to go along with it. But enjoying and immersing one’s self in the experience – can’t and… View Post