Philly: Van Gogh Immersive Experience

My family and I went to the Tower Theater in Upper Darby for the Van Gogh Immersive Experience. When visiting, make sure that you have your proof of COVID vaccination which will be checked before entering the theater. The digital show ran a little over an hour which was long enough for us to appreciate the life and talent of the artist. The composition of music, light, and two-story visual projections told Van Gogh’s story in a simultaneously beautiful and haunting way. For art aficionados, it’s a novel way to experience Van Gogh’s work. For novices, it can serve… View Post

Philly: A Week in Life

These days, life has been a reassuring march towards “normal”. Remote work recently transitioned to hybrid and it has been great reconnecting with colleagues. To celebrate, we had lunch at Louie Louie in University City which was followed by a quick browse around the store Hello World in its new location right next door to the restaurant on the corner of 38th and Walnut. I continue to take my long walks along the leafy neighborhoods of Center City. It’s heartening to see visitors in and around Independence Hall. Philly favorites like the Reading Terminal Market and Di Bruno Brothers are bustling… View Post

Philly: Tourist in my Own City

There were some silver linings this past year. It forced me to slow down and stay close to home. By doing so, I discovered how walkable my city is. With each step, I became even more grateful to live in a section of Philadelphia that is historic and beautiful, especially this time of the year. As I became a tourist in my own city, I started to notice things I would otherwise not see and find meaning in the simple and ordinary. I’ve come to see the cityscape as a giant scrapbook – a mosaic of human creativity and… View Post

Philly: Discovering Graffiti Pier – A Hidden Gem

Not too far from the heart of Center City Philadelphia is a place called Graffiti Pier (also known as Pier 124). For decades, this collection of urban art has been organically growing in relative obscurity. Gritty and off the beaten path, it used to be a landing pier owned by Conrail for ships transporting coal for distribution along the Eastern Seaboard and on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. Abandoned in 1991, the concrete walls and passageways have become the perfect canvases for graffiti artists. You get a sense of how beautiful and special (if illicit) a spot… View Post

Philly: Brunch, Garden, and Stroll @Philadelphia Rail Park

My oh my, July is almost over and we have one month of Summer 2018 remaining.  I do hope that summer (or the mid-year) is going wonderfully for you.  Things are humming along nicely in our small corner of the city.  My husband was away for an entire week and when he came home yesterday, we went to Café La Maude for a late brunch.  We’ve often walked by this restaurant on our way to another good brunch place – Honey Sit and Eat – and it was often busy with a line of people waiting to be seated.… View Post