Tory Burch Ella Tote and Purse to Go Organizer

I have owned the black nylon Tory Burch Ella tote for a couple of years now and it has been my go-to work bag since.  It’s light, capacious, low-maintenance, and stylish.  I pretty much toss everything in it – files and folders, planner, books, cosmetic bag, sunglasses, wallet, keys, scarf, umbrella, and the occasional breakfast or lunch bag.  It holds everything and despite almost daily use, it still looks brand new!  On the downside, except for a zipped pocket and a couple of open pockets on each side, it’s a big wide open space that offers little organization or security.  

Enter the extra jumbo Purse to Go Organizer Zip Ups.  I ordered it through this past weekend and it arrived yesterday.  I immediately filled it with my smaller items – sunglasses, wallet, umbrella, etc. – and kept the planner and files outside.  The extra jumbo size measures approximately 17″L x 9″H and expands to about 6″ W.  It’s just perfect for the TB Ella tote.  This Purse to Go Organizer is also popular among Louis Vuitton bag owners because it fits the larger styles such as the Speedy 35 and 40 or the Neverfull MM and GM. 

I am so glad that I finally found an organizer that fits and I’m loving the organization and the added security of the zip up feature!


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