Project Wellness: Walk, Run, or simply Move!

Happy Weekend, friends!  Those of us in Philadelphia woke up on Saturday morning to the beginning of a beautiful weekend.  Mother nature finally gave us a nice respite from the heat wave that dominated most of last week.  This morning, lured by the mild temperature and gentle sunshine, I decided to go outdoors for a walk/run along the Delaware River.

I realize that it has been so long since my last entry on my project weight loss.  Truth is, there is nothing new to report.  The journey continues, so to speak, and lately my focus have been on:

  • shifting from a weight loss to a wellness mindset
  • honing on nutrition and movement
  • and keeping things simple

I walked/ran for more than an hour while deep in my thoughts, listening to music, and feeling grateful to have access to Penn’s Landing – a waterfront area along the Delaware River.  This place is especially hopping in the summer with events and outdoor concerts. Several historic ships are moored here including the World War II submarine USS Becuna. The spring and summer months are when the Spruce Street Harbor Park becomes the main attraction.  The idea is to create an urban beach park complete with a boardwalk with chairs, tables, hammocks and pop-up restaurants and beer garden.  I blogged about Spruce Park here.

Not only did I get to enjoy the weather in our neighborhood waterfront amenity, I also stumbled upon a “new” 250-foot-long “Love Lock” fence installation near the Hilton Hotel.  It’s supposed to be inspired by the Pont des Arts bridge in Paris where people attach their locks with their names written on them to the railing.  The “Love Lock” Philly version, also known as the Hope Fence, is meant to encourage anyone to celebrate/commemorate a big life moment by attaching a lock with their names on it.

Penn's Landing

Hope Fence




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